Youth Training Camp

youth training camp

It’s not necessarily about training harder. It’s about training smarter. For youth ages 9-16.

AK Fitness and The Source For Sports Just Hockey have joined forces to provide the ultimate youth training camp.

Our camp develops young players to maximize their athletic performance and growth through functional training.

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Meet Our Team:

Meet Our Team

Personal & Group Fitness


Bootcamp is designed to tighten and tone your body. You will be asking, “Which way to the beach?” in no time.
From: $15 / session


Increase muscle tone, lower body fat, improve your flexibility and shed weight in our boxing classes.
From: $20 / session

Personal Training

One-on-one training sessions customized to you to help you reach your fitness goals.
From: $60 / session

Women's Only Fitness

A group exercise program designed specifically for women. Fun and challenging exercises great for all fitness levels.
From: $20 / session

Corporate Fitness

Get your colleagues together for a fun, efficient workout catering to all fitness levels. Everyone gets personal attention regardless of group size.
*Contact Us For Pricing

Youth Fitness

Let your child tap into his/her inner athlete in our functional fitness playground.
From: $249 / week

Aerial Back Therapy Now Offered at AK Fitness

AK Fitness is now the proud home of ABT (Aerial Back Therapy)!

Swing, soar, flip and fly! Release your inner Spiderman with ABT (Aerial Back Therapy).

ABT is a unique and fun program developed specifically for treating and alleviating back pain. It’s a cross between mat yoga and circus art. It’s fun, challenging, unique, different, unusual, therapeutical, decompressing, relaxing, stretching, elongating, rejuvenating.

It’s the most fun you will ever have while alleviating your back pain.


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